Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

Three Precious Little Words Between Friends

Most often people think of, “I love you.”

Equally important, between friends, is “I remember you.” 

Every day I weave at least one friend in to my experience by telling them how I’ve been reminded of them or something that has happened that made me think of them.

“I remember you,” has so much meaning stacked up behind it.  Yes, we’re fully occupied.  Yes, there are lots of “to do’s” on our daily lists.  In the midst of so much pressing priority, friends get to come first in line, not last.  My dad made that point to me in his old age.  He understood and told me that he would have worked less and spent more time with his friends and family.

There’s wisdom in that.  Thank you for reading, “I remember you.”

Holiday Postpartum

Postpartum is from the latin and it means “after giving birth.”  Among many other things, a new mother experiencing “postpartum” will be weary, restless, achy, depressed, lacking focus. 

Many of my friends described those very same symptoms to me throughout yesterday.  It seems appropriate after laboring many weeks, anticipating, preparing and finally “giving birth” to a grand holiday experience, that this might be a visiting malady.  I know many folks give in to the immediate pleasure of eating half their weight, wet, in sweets of all sorts.  Yummy in the moment but not without its own path of following consequences.  Just last evening I made a noble attempt to make up for weeks of self control and saying “no” to hosts of sugary temptations, all in one short evening.  (I attribute it to a newly discovered recipe innocently called “Scotcheroo”).

Today is a good day, if this information is striking a resonant chord with you, to give yourself a belated holiday gift.  Be kind.  Be gentle.  Set aside any chastisement and if you aren’t feeling your best – just don’t make any major decisions today!  Revel in the holiday that you worked and invested in – and be grateful that you still think great thoughts and have numbers of opportunity for joy in this very day.

Appearing Soon in Seattle

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My Monday Words – What Are Yours?

At least once a week, usually on Monday, I select my “words for the week.”  I have a set of cards from Christine Mason Miller also known as Swirly Girl, a set of cards created by a long time friend named Kelly Rae B., a familiar to many deck of angel cards, a set of meaningful quotes (words of my own as well as others) and a set of cards which I co-created with a circle of friends to reflect my strongest life qualities.

This week I am reminded that I am precious, the Angel of Grounding is going to help keep me to talk, the Angel of Spontaneity will help me remember to fill my lungs with deep breathes, I will aspire to have super human persective while being open to exploration.  The word guiding my Altarium focus on friends is Inclusive and the quote which I will carry for the week is one of my own, “Identify ways tat you flourish under the nurturing  care of others: provide them for yourself.”

This habit, or, if you wish, word ritual, is very important to me and helps me stay connected, daily to my joy.  Can you imagine yourself doing something like this?
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