Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

In The Center of the Circle

“Stand in the center of the circle and let all things take
their course.”  Lao Tsu

Perfect concept on the heels of just yesterday resigning as
general manager of the universe. 

At 6:30 AM this prompted me to turn off my alarm and wake up
when my body wanted to.  The sore
throat propelled me to the center of my own circle of self care.  Not setting the alarm for any specific
time just “later than Now,” didn’t matter.  I just let things take their course.  Turns out I folded myself into a mighty
inventive, productive and engaging day. 
And felt pretty good in spite of a rough start. 


My friend, Grady, posted his new favorite quote on
Facebook.  From B.J. Bedform I’m
blessed with, “I kept myself calm by making sure I didn’t concentrate on anything
I couldn’t control.”  B.J. was an
Olympic swimmer in 2000.  These
words apply wonderfully well to my Olympic Experience in being in business for
myself.  The competition feels
Olympic to me, most days.  This
concept puts me right in the center of my own good brain and heart.  The only two realms in the entire
universe over which I exert control.


Looking out, through the ballast that cushions me while I’m
standing in the center of this metaphorical circle, I’m protected from the
swish and swoosh of perilous waters, blowing winds and drama, fabricated or
pressing, of any kind.  This is a
center stage I could get used to. 

Go Ahead – Submit Your Resignation. I Did.

Larry Eisenberg said, “For peace of mind, resign as general
manager of the universe.”


It was with irony that today I resigned from general manager
of everything.


Everything.  I’m
in charge of absolutely nothing: but, mostly, the weather forecase of my own
heart.  In the course of
extraordinary and diverse actions today I recognize how very inconsequential I
can be in the larger machinations of our culture.  But while I may be small in relation to the whole of the
world, I remain particularly large and significant to … me!


I remain of great consequence to myself.  And I am  clear that THAT is the most important position to fill. 

WRITE YOUR OWN STORY – Minus Distractions

write your own story.jpgAmy has participated in numbers of my Focus Phrase processes.  We tease that we are “sisters of different misters,” because we have so many viewpoints common to each other.  She recently sent me a gift of a paperweight that bosses me every day to, “Write my own story.”

These days I could go a little out of bounds in my daily game – I have so many delightful projects from which to choose!  I’m helping myself avoid the delicious bowl of distractions that presents itself to me every day.   Next to Amy’s gift I place my daily priorities – each written on their own card.  If I don’t complete the particular task I mark what I have done and put it back in the bowl of bountiful opportunities for another day.  If I DO finish it I happily walk it to my rapidly filling up “bag of finished stuff.”  I feel so blasted efficient when I drop that finished task in the bag!  I hold a little celebration and then get right back to the next thing.  Some days distractions are welcome guests.  Other days, such as these days, they are dastardly unwelcome callers.  Reminding myself that I alone am in charge of how I write the story of my day is helping me have joy in my many tasks.

Take A S.T.A.N.D.

stand.jpgStart Today A New Direction.
The instruction set me on a unique path last October.  All the controversy and loss surrounding the issue of bullying led me to a 3 month S.T.A.N.D. against bullying and for education and new directions.  I shaved my head on October 9…every day I wrote a new resource or educational web reference on my “blank page” of a skull.  It was a profound, even life changing experience.  As I was considering my personal response to the pain of kids around me being bullied – I tried to resist the impulse to take such a dramatic action.  At the end of the matter, I couldn’t talk myself out of it.  And I did try!  So now, in these chilly days of winter longing to become spring…my hair reasserts itself on my head.  I can’t recall a time in my life when I ever had such short hair.  But by way of contrast , it seems almost long!  I continue to draw attention to the significant issue of bullying, particularly in our country’s schools.  It is a privilege that we can each raise our voice in support of issues that make a difference.  It seems unlikely that I will choose to shave my head – ever again.  But the passionate response that drew such an action from me still reverberates in my days.  What are issues that you are passionate about – and how do you allow them to permeate the actions of your life?  What direction might you take if today you were to S.T.A.N.D. – start today a new direction?  I’m curious. 

Oh, and in case you’re wondering…here’s how my hair’s doing:


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