Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

There are many practical reasons to wait.  Wait for a more auspicious time. For better funding. Ha! for ANY funding! For broader education or more deepened networked connections.  The temptation is to wait until all of those elements align.  Perfectly.  Which is why there are many people who ponder aloud in the last seasons of their lives the dreams they held and kept. Inside.  Imagine what could happen to such a dream, held so deeply and long, if, each time the thought of it came to you some specific, small action was taken toward that dream.   Imagine!

Every BIG thing is comprised, in fact, built upon, many solid, smaller things.  I do not have to do everything toward my dream today. I CAN do one small thing. And I think I will. How about you? WHAT are you waiting for?

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