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belief.netIt’s a short walk between Rest and Restoration.

At 4 AM this morning I knew I was not going to be going back to sleep. My first appointment in the day was three hours and fifteen minutes away. I had a couple of choices.  I could just rest. Lay there. Let my body relax.  I didn’t choose any of those because I knew it would be accompanied by the unmet desire to acquire two more hours of sleep.  I got up.  I chose to look at an unexpected 4 AM wake up call as a gift.  WHAT project around the house has needed two hours of uninterrupted attention?  The entry to our house is through our garage. And then through the pantry into the kitchen.  The pantry had started looking (and therefore, behaving) like a traditional mud room. Which – it is not.

Restoration ensued. It involved taking the room apart, eliminating some things (thrift and recycle) and  putting other things in a more appropriate place.  When the room was restored, fifteen minutes before my appointment, it sparkled. And so did I.  I may have missed out on a few hours of sleep, REST. I gained a space that is welcoming and feels like a great transition into our home, RESTORATION.  That’s a contrast I can embrace.

Thanks for visiting.   mary anne radmacher


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