Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

I’ve engaged in research and conversation. I’ve contemplated my work and my words and their

place at the social media table.  These measures/questions the result of my reflection:

Mary Anne Radmacher’s Social Media Compass Points

Does it inspire, encourage, assist or make me laugh?

Is it kind? If it isn’t kind, is it true (substantiated/sourced)?

Is it generous? Can I share while also supporting my livelihood?

Does it connect or divide (support community)? If it divides, is it worth it?

Does it support what matters to me and will it matter in a month?

Does it contribute to a conversation that’s interesting or beneficial?

Does it support my work in the world?

Do I want specific outcome(s)?  Did I ask for them?

Will people be able to find me by looking at this writing/piece?

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