Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

This is the first “working” day of 2013.  I have looked back.  I have looked forward.  I have set my intentions and

established my goals/intentions/visions.   In that process, I discovered this essay that was a reflection on what I’ve learned

as if this were my “last day.”  I hope it inspires some reflection of your own.

If I knew this was my last day –  I would share…
That each decade of my life I learned my lessons from my obstacles and my joys.  I collected them in writing.
In my twenties I wrote my longings: these were foundational  to my life manifestations.  Create. Write. Inspire. Serve. These days that’s called the law of attraction.

The ancients said and I saw it as true – our lives become what we think about. Or, “what you feed, grows.”
In my thirties I gathered my intentions:
Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Laugh. Play with abandon. Practice wellness. Continue to learn.

Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends. Lead or follow a leader. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is.
These became my measuring stick for the actions of my life.  Have one.  If you don’t have one, get one. Otherwise, how do you know what to say “yes” to? (Or, “no?”)
In the next decade those “lessons” that I thought would always stick sort of slipped past me when in the press of a challenge.  So when I had an “aha! moment” I wrote them down.

Write yours down. And put them in a place that you can see them everyday.
Most of the things that seem so significant – aren’t.  Don’t take it personally – it’s not usually about you. Pay attention. Know when to leave.  Curiosity takes courage.

The most important promises are the ones you make to yourself. Appreciation lasts longer than complaint. Being nice isn’t always best.  Surprise is as powerful as consistency.  Listen to your inclination.  There’s a difference between protecting yourself and defending yourself.  Your eyes must not determine what you see. Play more. Stand tall. Imagine.
And today –
True friendship is the thing that trumps everything.   Mutual self interest often masquerades as friendship – discern the difference.
Move. Dance. Walk. Do anything to trick yourself into movement and stretching.  Fiercely seize health.
Learn new skills. “Getting it “perfect” isn’t as important as “getting it.”
Many priorities bang on the door of your day.  Remember what truly matters to you?  Do that. Realize your “No,” becomes someone else’s opportunity for “yes.”
The only opinion about your life that matters is yours.  Apologize. Act on core values. Choose.   Don’t dilute your endeavors with justifications or explanations.

Own your actions. Allow others to own theirs
When you say, “I’ve had enough of this,” mean it.  If you don’t intend to change the circumstance, then don’t complain.
Practice pausing.
Mean it when you kiss someone. Play more. Laugh long.  Rest deep. Take care of your knees. Write what you know. Remember what’s important.
This is not the second half of your life, or the last two thirds of your life.

This moment is the fresh start of your life and it’s the only thing that you can be certain of.

Life begins when you do.  – mary anne radmacher©-  for my work see

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