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This is the most practical commentary on the year 2012 that I’ve read yet.

I’ve received Janet Conner’s permission to share it with you here.  And you can read more of Janet’s viable and actionable work in the world at her website:

Welcome to 2012—The Year of The Soul

You’ve heard the broohaha about the end of the Mayan calendar, unusual astrological alignments, and all sorts of other predictions about major change ahead. And, despite all the changes we’ve already experienced, more change is coming. Why? Because 2012 adds up to a five. And five is the cosmic signal of change. But that doesn’t mean anything is wrong or frightening. What it means is this is The Year of The Soul.

It’s the year of the soul because the soul–and only the soul–knows how to deal with change. The soul is that part of you that has never been wounded and never will be. It sprang from divine ground and will return to divine ground. It’s solid. It’s wise. It’s gentle. It’s loving. And it is completely unafraid. Because the soul is the part of you that knows–and knows that it knows–that life is an adventure to be lived not a fear to be avoided.

Humanly, we seek safety. But safety comes from connection to Source. This is the one nonnegotiable for the soul. It comes from Source. It remembers Source. It remembers the language and music that emanates from Source. So at the deepest level it wants–no, it needs–to keep a channel open to the Divine.

Writing Down Your Soul is really quite simple. There are just seven things you do to make sure you’re writing at the soul level and not journaling.

When you write down your soul, you

   1. Exit conscious mind and enter the theta brain wave state
where you have access to real creativity and breakthrough thinking
   2. Get in touch with your authentic self, your soul

   3. Activate the Voice of limitless wisdom, guidance, and grace
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