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Anyone who has followed Steve Jobs with any consistency recognizes the phrase, “one more thing.”  Oh, how we were delighted after his breath taking “next thing” announcements to hear him pause and then say, “But there IS one more thing.”

One more thing.

Steve Jobs.  Extolled.  Expelled.   Excluded.   Still – he remained excited about his own path and true to his personal vision.  I have written all my books on a MacBook Pro.  I communicate where ever I travel thanks to my iPhone.  I have serious technology envy when I think about owning an iPad.  Every day the genius and unique presence that was the person of Steve Jobs impacts my life.

One more thing.

Steve Jobs has changed our world in ways that we cannot understand now – in the midst of it.  But our children and our grandchildren will honor his place in our global knowing…by the stories they will study in their textbooks.  His name will long be written in the histories of our world.  He was a game changer.  Even in his absence, he will remain a game changer.  Because the power of Steve’s presence on this planet assures that there will continue to be “one more thing,” in the realm of communication, information, technology and the way we relate to one another using such devices as these…and those that remain to be discovered.

Oh, one more thing…

Tell a friend you appreciate them today.  We all knew Steve Jobs was not well…but surely it feels like we have lost a shining star all too soon.  Treasure the people who remain standing in your circle.  And even if you’ve lost a friend to misunderstanding or time, appreciate what you had and let that be known.


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