Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures


Regardless of the story that might surround it, when these ten elements are present in large part or in total on any given day – the day can’t help but be awesome.


Enthusiasm  Begin each day as if it were on purpose.  Learn as if your life depended upon it – may it not?                                   

Movement, especially in the morning, is energizing.  Dance, exercise, bike, walk, stretch, intimacy, move with grace.

Dreams & choices  See choices as opportunities.  Ask yourself, “What are my best choices for achieving my dreams?”  Lean a little toward your dream.

Completion  Chunk up the BIG task and do a bit. Work in little bits.      Can you begin it as if you intended to finish?

Relationship/connections    Being attentive has reward.               Can you be fully present and available to your friend?

Play & celebrations          Some days are simply meant for playing.Can you ask yourself, “Is there a reason to celebrate today?”

Generosity  Exercise your kindness muscle.                                    Can you extend an unexpected service toward a stranger?

Gratitude & appreciation.    Focus on the good in  your day.         Can you change your course today with appreciation?

Forgiveness is the grace i gift to myself.   Invite healthful and restorative sleep by letting go of all the harshness in your day with forgiveness.

Listen hard.   By listening to myself I am  able to listen to the universe, and listen better to others.

Mary Anne Radmacher addresses these in detail in her book LIVE WITH INTENTION, 2011, Conari Press.  Connect with her on Facebook at – A New Way – Radmacher Focus Phrase

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