Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

Geo caching is a little over a decade old and it’s lit sparks of inspiration all over the world.  In its short life geo caching has gathered over 5 million participants world wide.

I have always played with metaphor as if it were a game. I consider a structure and wonder if there is a life lesson in its overlay.  I ask “If this is true and effective HERE, what would it look like if I took it out of context and applied it to a different process?””

If I overlay the process of geo caching into the context of this website – – I clearly see the connections.

Blogs like this and some of my other favorites ( for A New Way – Radmacher Focus Phrase,, http://christinemasonmiller.com  )are metaphorically spiritual geo caching.  Instead of using a GPS device you use search engines to find the kind of “treasures” you are seeking.  Instead of finding your treasured insight in a waterproof container, you discover it on your screen.  And the log that you sign is in the form of a comment box.

Sparkling, shining spiritual treats are hidden all over the world wide web.  You search for the treasures that are going to matter most for your life and daily experience. This makes you a participant in a very exciting journey.

Do you ever comment when you read something that evokes a response?  Using the model of geo caching, I suggest you try “leaving your mark.”  Go ahead.  Leave a comment.  Say, “I was here.  I read this.  I had a thought based on what you said and it’s __________(fill in the blank with your own, unique voice).

Thanks to the world wide web you can go spiritual geo caching and with just an itsy bitsy carbon footprint…because you’ll be hunting for treasures that matter to you without leaving your home.  Happy treasure hunting.

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