Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

August is the gentle nudge at your shoulder in case you have been sleeping through your 2011 years of dreams and visions and aspirations.

“Wake up! C’mon,wake up,” is the voice of August stirring you in to a certain realization.  If 2011 is a bank balance (and time is truly our only valued commodity when you think about it) then you’ve spent more than you have left.

Wake up.

What are the stories that you have been repeating in your days?  Are they stories that propel your forward?  Are they stories that deepen your joy?  Are they stories that underscore what you CAN do or what you (think you) CANNOT do?

August is the whispered invitation, “C’mon.  It’s never to late to start what you dreamed about doing on January 1.  Remember those earnest resolutions that promised THIS year would be different?  It can still be different.”

The calendar is simply a marking post.  A way that we measure time between one thing and another thing.  It is never too late to kick your resolve into gear and do just one thing toward your dream, your hope, your passion.  One little thing.  What is it?  Do it now.  Really. Just go do it.

And while you are at it…tell the story.  Speaking something out loud helps make it more real, and assists you as you begin to stay true to the story you are telling.  Hear that?  It’s August saying, “It’s never too late to begin.”

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