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Perfectly expressed by my fellow writer, Ellen Lambert (who blogs at EllenOutLoud at  I woke up hearing the words, “Children don’t like it when their parents fight.”  Ellen captures this sentiment perfectly.
I grew up in a family where the parent people fought all the time. All the time. It was habitual. It was constant. It was distressing, disturbing, and annoying. Nothing was ever resolved; no conclusions were ever drawn. The current debt-ceiling debate is giving me flashbacks.

Maybe it’s because I was raised around it, but I am not a big fan of bickering. I loathe name-calling. I abhor baseless rhetoric.

I do, however, adore a good debate. I sure wish we could have one.

Between the finger-pointing, blaming, and pouting I just wish the Great Playground Monitor would call a big recess to recess and send all the squabbling brats and bullies to time-out or home, it makes me no difference

I never had the power to get my arguing progenitors to stop. I do remember asking them to. Yesterday I asked my representatives in Washington to do the same. I used to tell my parents that they had to stop behaving so stupidly; they were supposed to be taking care of me. I reminded my Senators and Congress people of that too.

Yes, all the juvenile posturing and gesturing does remind me of a time when I never had a say in things, but now that I do? Oh, I intend to make my voice heard. Out loud.

Speak up, and Soldier on!

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