Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

What to do?  What to do after hearing the President plead for cooperation and putting the needs of the country first?  What to do after watching a dysfunctional Obama/Boehner face off in prime time?  How to answer your growing anxiety about the House and Senate producing dueling debt ceiling plans?

Many American households are exasperated with their elected officials. Versions of  “We are worried about our own house and its ‘debt ceiling’ ” are being expressed all across our Country.

Bill Clinton, among others, famously assessed that foreign policy begins “at home.”  While Clinton was referrring to “home ” in the broad sense…I want to talk about my response to the uncertainty in a specific sense.

“IN YOUR HOME – PEACE.” This is one of the few places where I can honestly govern the environment.  This literal place and within my own thinking.  I can express my opinions,  I can contact my elected representatives, I can write letters.  Peace – that elusive contentment and internal certainty – is not to be found in those places.  Nor can I control or insist on its presence in those places.  But my own soul?  My own home?  Absolutely.  I can claim peace in those palces.

In the coming days our national conversation may very well heat up.  Perhaps your own personal economy is close to your maximum debt ceiling.   In all your struggles, both global and local, my wish for you in the midst of all this uncertainty and dysfunctionis that in your home – may there be peace.

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