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LIFE BEGINS WHEN YOU DO premiered in its first month as the number 2 best seller at Number two. Right out of the gate. In it’s second month it holds the #3 position. If I were an Olympic competitor both those standings would put me on the Medal Stand.

There is an incessant drive to be NUMBER ONE. It is pervasive. The compulsion for superior performance is every where. But here’s what I know: I already gave my most excellent performance when I turned my manuscript in to Mac Anderson at LIFE BEGINS WHEN YOU DO was a marathon. A triathalon! testing my skills as one who longs to inspire.

So I’ll take the Silver Medal for February. I’ll take the Bronze Medal for March. And since I tend to do things backwards…perhaps you will help me realize the GOLD in April. This very day Mac is offering my newest book at $10. (It’s usually $15.95). A good day to get those Graduation, Promotion, Don’t-Worry-It-Will-Get-Better gifts you have been meaning to get.

Is that a contradiction? Saying I already won and asking you to buy my book? Every natural competitor reading this will understand that it isn’t. My Dad, a manufacturing production floor manager drilled in to me, “You are today’s accomplishment, not simply yesterday’s awards.” I also know that having the courage to ask for help is a significant part of realizing one’s vision. Any one, any vision.

So, yes. This is me, asking. I’d like to see my new book take a Number Place on the Stand for the month of April. And I’d be honored if you would help me stand there.

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