Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

That sounds good, doesn’t it?
I recalled one of my former employees loved these little chocolate bites that were wrapped in colorful foil with sage advice printed on the inside. We could always tell when she’d devoured a sweet bite because she’d announce to advice to the whole crew! A fine spot we’re in – I pondered. Taking life lessons from chocolate wrappers. Today I received my due lesson.
With the season of delectable pastel treats fast approaching my husband graced me with a bag of wrapped chocolates. Not endorsing any particular brand here but perhaps you know they are Dove chocolates. In telling this tale you will all know that I had three bites of chocolate before lunch. But so it goes with sharing good information!
The first wrapper said, LIVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. Aghast, stunned that the chocolate knew I’d been venturing with small bits of anxiety into future days. I took the hint.
Just moments later, on errands serving the needs of others I received another piece of advice, TAKE SOME TIME FOR YOURSELF. Well advised. I went home, brewed a cuppa java and sat and contemplated the day.
Energized and entertained I launched in to my third tidbit and what awaited me but this, ENCOURAGE YOUR SENSE OF DARING.

It’s easy to think we know and value the appropriate sources of kindness, knowing, intuitive bits of wisdom, Occasionally what I think I KNOW keeps me from profound discovery. There’s learning and lesson to be drawn from many unlikely sources. And today my finest teacher so far has been wrappers from small bits of yum. Who knew? Well, yes, my staff member knew and I’ll have to let her know that the good information finally sunk in!

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