Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

It has been said so many different ways.  “While others sleep, you stand watch.”

My husband and I share from our basket, whether it is a little low or flowing over the brim, with soldiers that are deployed on foreign soil.  We think of the small platoon which we have “adopted” every day.  And we are ever on the look out for affordable things that would make a difference in their lives.  It’s a key to daily perspective for me.  I may face challenges and deal with struggles – yes, I may and do.  But I sleep in the safety of my warm home, on my favorite sheets in night clothes that I get to wash at my leisure.  There are hundreds of small (and large) graces I enjoy every day – barely noticing them.  Such gentle accessories are rarely present in a soldier’s day. And there’s the opportunity for perspective.

This day AFTER Valentine’s Day – my heart extends to military personnel stationed anywhere away from home.  When we send off our next box of treats – we honor all of you in our hearts.

“May peace be whispered as a prayer.  mary anne radmacher “

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