Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

I was in the middle of a creative muddle when my phone notified me I had a text message.  My husband was all out of cold medicine and his cough was starting up.  Could I please go to the pharmacy?  I kicked into overdrive.  I wanted to finish my project and I wanted to help my husband.  Zip to the pharmacy. Rapid walk to the cold aisle – score.  And then whoooosh –
to stand in line behind seven other people.

A good opportunity to just take a few deep breaths.  And I did.  One by one the clerk, the one clerk, helped folks.  Finally, with just one person left in front of me, another clerk joined her peer.
Yay!  I’m next.  The person in front of me has finished her transaction and….she continues talking.  And talking.  And talking to both pharmacy clerks.  They were quite engaged. And my internal clock ticked louder.  Those deep breaths I had enjoyed earlier took a quick hike to the edge of the sea and went for a swim.

“What’s your hurry?” I asked myself.  “Aren’t you the girl who says there’s a higher order to things and that you are right on time, always?”  Yeh.  That’s me.  And since I admitted it I began to remember.  Everybody has a story to tell.  And some people have a need to tell their story to two pharmacy clerks.  I could live with it.

And I did.  The grace is remembering what’s important before acting as if I’d forgotten.

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