Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

“Crazy busy,” is a frequently used phrase in the social media “status” bar.  It seems like nearly everyone is zipping and moving faster than ever before.  Rather than a letter taking days to arrive at our friend’s doorstep, there is an INSTANT message.  And it seems so much of the items knocking on the door of our day want an instant response. 

Warp speed.  Hmmmm.  People are beginning to express that fast doesn’t really equal quality, or excellence.  There’s a case to be made for careful, purposeful examination of a project. How differently might my day have been a few weeks ago if I had taken a few more moments to review that radio interview commitment?   I know for sure I wouldn’t have set my alarm for 4 AM and been sitting at my studio desk at 5:15 AM for a radio interview that was clearly scheduled for 12 hours later.  My publicist kindly wrote to my inquiry of, “What happened?” a note that affirmed, “You KNOW it was for 5:30 PM, right?”  I wrote back,

silly, silly me.
Saw an “A”
when it really was a “P.”

Warp speed is really helpful when running a sprint.  When managing memo’s and planning your day: not so much.  Try it.  Let’s try it together…slooooow down.  Breathe.  And do ONE thing at a time.  Just see what happens. 

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