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What a fascinating experience to see something so old and familiar in an entirely new light.

Years ago I wrote a home blessing after returning from a long journey to Ireland.  After writing it, the text turned into many things including a home decor poster, greeting cards and calendar covers.  It has been quoted by other authors in books about relationships, love, family, home and fung shui.  And most recently it has served as the title to my own homage to the joys of home: MAY YOUR WALLS KNOW JOY (Red Wheel-Weiser-Conari Press).  The full poem is:

May your walls know joy,
     each room hold laughter,
          and every window open to great possibility.

A friend sent me a message today, delighted that this poem bannered across an Art Gallery Holiday Newsletter.  At a quick glance, and without my glasses I misread my own words to be:

MAY EVERY WINDOW OPEN TO GREET POSSIBLIITY. In this day this means: possibility is simply waiting for me to open the window.  Yes.  It is winter. It is cold outside.  Still!  OPEN the window – possibility is waiting.

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