Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

Today is a day that stands dramatically for many people.  The attack on Pearl Harbor has been said by thousands to be a day of Infamy.  Surely in the midst of the struggle and the immediate danger and harm to so many…people were not reflecting on the historical significance that the day would come to hold.  Those who are at the USS Arizona today hold their memories and have the advantage of looking back.  There stand children of those who both were lost and those who survived.  The memory is indeed, part of their legacy.

Such grand significances do not always come with great crisis and disaster.  Sometimes the legacy moments of our lives, those days that for the good or the difficult, that will have an infamy of their own, often slip into our experience and are only known in the backward glance. 

Every day, we create the legacy.  We leave footprints, both soft and heavy.  Being aware of this can provide a keen perspective on the events which may seem simple or ordinary.

What legacy will your life create today?

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