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It is often said that we are only able to see what we anticipate or expect to see. This is the cover of my personal December journal.  I intend to be open to see the small and large Graces that […]

to see.  This morning I promised myself to live the entire day from my heart.  To quote writer Kathleen Gallagher Everett, “BE KIND – NO EXCEPTIONS” was the motto for this Monday. Live the entire day from my heart. So, […]

At a time when memories are made by gathering around a bountiful table…there are some chairs which will be empty this year.  One such chair was left empty by a large soul:  Hugh Prather.  This holiday I will come to […]

And I am convinced you will immediately begin to see plenty of it.All I did was mention that THIS box that I was posting to an APO AE addresswas going to an enlisted military person.  My husband and I act […]

…you planted in your soul long ago.  – mary anne radmacher – My friend is a florist and owns her own shop.  Each Saturday it is her joy to share the roses which have “seen better days.”   I’m one of […]

The question was answered by a couple of Italians in this very sweet and inspiring video.Often the most powerful answer to the, “What can I do to support my friend?” question is the easiest and most accessible.  A hug transcends […]

It makes a huge difference. There are so many ways to utilize writing to improve your daily experiences: from writing down the list of groceries you need to remembering what you learned during a meeting to exploring the nuggets of […]

EACH MORNING I enjoy a cup of freshly made coffee.  Sometimes my husband brews it for me, sometimes I make it for myself.  This morning I looked at that cup and recognized it was so much more than “just” a […]