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I’m reading an excellent book right now called The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth. It’s the newest title from Alexandra Robbins, the best-selling author of Pledged and Overachievers. It’s a fascinating look at kids on the “cafeteria fringe” in high […]

When my daughter was little, we learned how to make adults to gasp in horror with a playtime trick routine the two of us devised. She would stand on my shoulders. I would hold tightly to her ankles. Then she […]

photo © 2010 Tanya Little | more info (via: Wylio)My friend Adam McHugh is the author of a great book called Introverts in the Church, about how the contemporary Christianity has become geared toward extroversion — and how this characteristic […]

Around a year ago, at the dinner table, one of us was complaining about something. I forget what it was and who it was. Maybe it was me. Maybe I was frustrated with a project or a work situation. Regardless, […]