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“Our brains undergo a massive reorganization between our 12th and 25th years.” This National Geographic story on what’s happening in the circuits and neurons of the teenage brain is pretty fascinating. Having once been a teenager, I’m aware that teenage […]

I’m a sucker for crisp, clear space photography — my kids and I spend an inordinate amount of time digging into Google Earth — so I was happy to stumble upon this old 2009 blog post with 35 high-resolution astronomy […]

In August, Chicago Now blogger Christine Whitley referred to a 1979 book called Your Six-Year-Old. In it, she found a checklist to help parents figure out if their kid was ready for first grade. Answer YES to 10 of these […]

Today I participate with other Beliefnet bloggers in remembering the events of September 11. You can read our collected remembrances here, and I’m also going to re-post mine below: I don’t have an especially dramatic 9/11 story to tell, no […]

How did you make it through high school? That’s the question the folks behind Rookie, a website for teenage girls, asked a bunch of celebrities. Not the flashy, pretty, Hollywood A-List celebrities, but the cool quirky ones who just seem […]

I would never claim to be a frequent reader of US Weekly, but thanks to some leftover issues at a cabin we rented this summer in New Mexico, I’m aware that the gossip rag has a really silly section called […]

This is wonderful: Kristina Alexanderson of Stockholm is photographing an action-figure-sized Star Wars Clone every day this year…and occasionally a young Clone gets to play, too. The photography is great and the results are surprisingly sweet. See many more photos […]

So this week the Web has been abuzz about a t-shirt design that was, until today, available at J.C. Penney. It’s a white long-sleeve shirt with a graphic that says “I’m too pretty to do homework so my brother has […]

One of the things I’ve wanted to do with Dadequate is point readers toward cool stuff to experience online with your kids. I’m always on the lookout for great videos that aren’t necessarily made for kids but which we can […]

This is a shelf in my son’s room. It’s one of two: To say he’s into LEGO Minifigures is like saying Harold Camping is into the Rapture. Which is why we’re both excited to learn from GeekDad about a new […]