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There are a lot of ways to show gratitude and respect for your children. Very few of them involve what you inscribe on your gravestone, because, as a rule, it’s probably better to appreciate your kids while you’re alive. They’d […]

At NPR, Dave Pell has a great piece (“I Don’t Care if You Read This Article“) about the temptation offered by life in the Internet age — a constant stream of data, stats, responses, likes, retweets, and page views. We […]

A conversation, while riding bikes in a nearby affluent neighborhood for the purpose of looking at large houses… ———– “Whoa, Daddy, look at THAT one!” “Yep. It’s big.” “If we lived in that house I would hug you all the […]

This is what I make with LEGOs. Spaceships are my specialty. This is what Apple software engineer Andrew Carol makes with LEGOs: It’s a Babbage Difference Engine, a working model of a mid-19th century machine designed to “evaluate polynomials of […]