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About Jason Boyett

Jason Boyett

Jason Boyett lives in Texas with his wife (whom he’s known since preschool), one daughter, one son, and one Yorkie. Jason is a self-employed copywriter and the author of books about the end of the world, the afterlife, and religious doubt…among other things. He has not written any books about fatherhood. Read more about him at

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Email Jason to inquire about speaking availability, interview availability, signed books, or whatever else you’d like to discuss.

Jason’s old Beliefnet blog was called O Me of Little Faith. It’s no longer being updated but is still available for your reading pleasure.

Books by Jason Boyett

O Me of Little Faith: True Confessions of a Spiritual Weakling Pocket Guide to the Afterlife
Pocket Guide to Sainthood Pocket Guide to the Bible
Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse A Guy's Guide to Life