Cosmic Candor

Learn about Jupiter in Gemini at Tarot.comI thought I was excited about my birthday this past weekend (it was excellent, thank you), but now I’m even more excited about Jupiter in Gemini!

I always think of giant Jupiter as the lucky the planet, because it opens the door for new opportunities. And now that it’s moving into my own personal sign of easy, breezy Gemini for the whole next year, I feel like I’ll have good luck and growth in areas of communication for a good long while.

As a writer, that’s not a bad thing at all! Maybe I’ll finally get crackin’ on that novel I keep meaning to write.

Jupiter in Gemini is all about being blessed with new ideas and so many projects you can barely keep up with them all, so I’m guessing it’s going to be a busy year. In fact, I’m going to cut this blog short. I’ve got to get started doing EVERYTHING right now!

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Read your Weekend Love Horoscope at Tarot.comI’m so excited! For the first time in years I get to spend my birthday weekend with a man I love. I haven’t told him that yet, though, so shhhhhhhhhhh.

My birthday is Sunday, June 10, but obviously I plan to spend the entire weekend celebrating — and fortunately the Weekend Love Forecast looks better than the weekend weather here in rainy Portland, Ore. (But who needs sunshine when you’re in love, right?)

Friday starts the weekend with the Moon in Aquarius, which is actually a pretty detached placement — still friendly, but not very intimate. But that’s ok, because by the time Sunday arrives the Moon will have moved into dreamy Pisces — which means lots of loving birthday wishes for ME!

The whole weekend is basically a journey from head to heart — Friday can be spent having fun on casual dates with stimulating conversation; Saturday is all about getting sexy and indulging in your fantasies; and Sunday is intimacy and heartfelt interactions all the way.

Nevermind how many birthday candles I’ll have to use this year. I just hope my cake is covered with rose petals and kisses. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! xoxo

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Learn about Mercury in Cancer at Tarot.comAs a Gemini, I’m stuck with that “I can’t turn off my brain” feeling most of the time, but it’s been even worse with mental Mercury in Gemini the past few weeks. Fortunately, relief is at hand.

Mercury, the planet of communication and brain-spins is moving into more comfortable cancer. Here, it will slow down our thoughts a bit and turn us into something more sentimental.

With Mercury in Cancer, our communication with others should deepen, and we’ll be able to soften up our sharp intellect side. Ultimately, this should increase our chances for intimacy, which is always a good thing, right?

Well, mostly yes. But with a transit as emotional as this one, we’ll want to watch for becoming TOO emotional — talking about your feelings is one thing, but putting them upon someone else is another.

I’m going to watch that I don’t do that, but mostly I’ll just be happy to be feeling more and thinking less for a few weeks.

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See the Top 5 Reasons Neptune Retrograde Rules at Tarot.comNo way, Neptune, we didn’t forget about you! But in all the hullabaloo over Monday’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and Tuesday’s Venus transit of the Sun, we haven’t had a chance to discuss Neptune Retrograde.

Nebulous planet Neptune went retrograde on Monday, which will require us to get real for the next five months.

As the planet of dreams, spirituality and personal possibilities, Neptune helps us gloss over the harsher aspects of life. So when it’s retrograde, it’s time to face the truth.

This isn’t bad, of course. It might be difficult, as reality checks can be. But this is a really productive time to get clear about what you’re doing, where you’re going and who you’re spending your time with.

Personally, I think Neptune Retrograde is a real game changer, and I like it!

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