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Learn about Mercury trine Uranus at Tarot.comI’m gearing up for a case of the brain spins today! I usually have trouble turning off my supercharged Gemini brain as it is, but today Mercury Retrograde is forming a trine with electric Uranus that’s expected to overwhelm everyone with brilliant ideas.

This isn’t a bad thing, of course. Who doesn’t love a brilliant idea or two? It’s just that it’s no fun when your overactive brain keeps you awake all night. Plus, we may very well have so many great ideas today that we can’t possibly pursue them all.

Mercury trine Uranus is usually a highly stimulating aspect, and that is still the case now, although this time there is a slight Mercury Retrograde roadblock. (Don’t fret, because we’ll have another chance to make the most of this brainy aspect on August 18, and by then Mercury will be direct).

Our minds will likely come alive today, and we’ll be able to think more clearly and solve problems better, but because we’re in the midst of MRx we may have trouble putting our brilliant ideas into action. It could be we simply become overwhelmed and paralyzed with indecision. (You know, like a typical day-in-the-life of a Gemini.)

This is where the fruitless brain spins come in, which could lead to some frustration today. We’ll also be held back by self-doubt brought on by the Libra Moon’s conjunction with strict Saturn. So, overall we’re going to experience a high level of mental activity, but we’ll struggle to find an outlet for it.

If you’re a writer, like me, or if your work and daily routine involves communication, computers or big group meetings, you’ll fare better than most because you can get it out of your system.

For the rest of you, just use this time to jot down your ideas and talk ’em them all through. Save them for a rainy day, if you will. Then you can put those ideas into action later, when the forward momentum is better.

See, now that’s a brilliant idea right there!

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Get a free 3-card Love Celtic Cross Tarot reading from Tarot.comAs an Astrology writer, I often hear from women with questions about love and dating and relationships, and sadly I hear from way too many people who are broken-hearted.

Many times these people are eager to know if Astrology or Tarot cards can offer any insight or advice for getting back together with someone who broke their heart, and the answer is “yes,” of course. But then I always have to ask, are you sure you really want that??

I bring this up now because Mercury is retrograde until August 8, and whenever Mercury is retrograde it’s easier to win back a lost love. This is because Mercury is the communication planet, and when it’s spinning backward people also tend to think back.

During this time people spend more time reflecting on former loves, and maybe even begin to miss their exes. So if you’re thinking about a love who got away, it’s likely they’re thinking about you right now, too. Which means, if you want someone back now’s a good time to reach out.

That said, I must ask again, are you sure you really want that? Because honestly, most relationships that go bust once are bound to go bust again. There are exceptions to the rule, of course, and maybe you’re one of the lucky ones.

But if you’re clamoring to win back a lost love who cheated on you or didn’t treat you well, you should consider yourself lucky to have another chance to be single and hopefully meet someone who’s a better match.

I know this from personal experience, because I went through a breakup several years ago with someone I thought I would have given ANYTHING to win back. Then guess what — I did win him back, only to soon realize he was a totally creepy loser who should have stayed gone the first time.

When we broke up for the second time, I was finally free to meet the wonderful man I’m with now. And maybe my lying, cheating, narcissistic ex boyfriend is thinking about ME during this Mercury Retrograde, but until this blog I sure haven’t been thinking about him.

So yes, it’s true Astrology and Tarot can help you win back an ex. But they can also offer plenty of insight and advice for meeting someone new, too!

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Read your Cosmic Guide to Sun in Leo at Tarot.comRAWR! It’s Leo time! I have a Leo Rising, so I always come alive when the Sun moves into Leo, which it did today at 3:01 a.m. (PT).

What I love about the Sun in Leo is how it seems to make everyone more playful, creative and romantic — and we also get a burst of social energy that takes things up a notch.

It’s perfect timing, as we’re in the heat of summer and most of my friends and family are out playing in the sunshine, anyhow.

The Sun was previously in slow, sentimental Cancer, which kept many of us snuggled up close to home. So now this energy is just what we need to get out and make the most of all those barbecues, family reunions, company picnics and summer vacation travels.

As for me, I’m not quite as animated as I usually am this time of year, but it’s likely because Mercury Retrograde is holding me back. As a Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, I tend to feel’s Mercury’s backward slide more than others. It turns me inward and I get too caught up in my own thoughts.

So, unfortunately, my energy is a little lower than I’d like, and I expect it will be until Mercury goes direct on August 8. But at least now that the Sun is in Leo I’ll get a little pick me up from the big cat known for turning yawns into roars.

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Learn about your Moon sign at Tarot.comHappy Moon Day! It’s the 43rd anniversary of man’s first walk on the Moon by Neil Armstrong on July 20, 1969, and I’m looking at it as the perfect opportunity to celebrate all things lunar.

Right now the Moon is in lively Leo, which makes us a little more playful and show-offy than usual. Leo is all about attracting attention, big romance and expressing  creativity, so it happens to be one of my favorite placements for the Moon.

So, yes, this is where the Moon is today, and keep in mind it will change signs every couple of days. But we each have a personal Moon sign, too.  Our Moon sign is based on where the Moon was when we were born, and it rules our emotions and our inner world.

My own Moon sign is Capricorn, which is pretty hardcore. Having a Capricorn Moon means I’m extremely serious, practical and hardworking, but I’m also a little too controlled. And because the Moon rules emotions, this means I’m pretty good at hiding mine. I’m not proud of that, but hey, I’m working on it!

Mostly, I’m pretty happy about having a Capricorn Moon because it balances out my playful, scattered Gemini Sun and my overly dramatic Leo Rising so that people will take me a bit more seriously. (Er, at least I hope.)

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