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The Flip Side of Venus in Leo

posted by Karen A. Kay

Learn about Venus in Leo at Tarot.comI must say, so far Venus in Leo isn’t working out exactly as I’d hoped. The planet of love moved into expressive and loving Leo last week, but since then I’ve only managed to make a mess of my relationship.

I thought this time was going to be all about love songs and big soft Lion cuddles, because this transit is supposed to inspire people to speak from the heart. But I didn’t think about what could happen if what’s in your heart isn’t all that.

My boyfriend has been consumed with work the past month and I’ve been doing my best to be patient and supportive (read: trying not to complain that I don’t see him enough.) But I’m a sensitive woman with a need for love, intimacy and companionship, and when I don’t get those things I suffer.

It’s been going on long enough now that I reached the end of my rope. So I made the mistake of telling him how I feel — lonely. And his response was to fly off the hook, get angry and tell me I’m making him feel guilty. It was a very defensive response, and it revealed very much what HE is thinking, too.

So, golly, good for us for getting our feelings out in the open. But what now? I’m angry that he was not compassionate about my feelings, and he’s angry that I’m adding more pressure when he’s under enough already. I guess the only thing to do is keep talking. Which I’ll do, er, if he ever calls me back.

In the meantime, I just thought I should fill you in on the flip side of Venus in Leo so you don’t make the same mistake I did and think it’s a get-out-of-jail-free card for saying anything you want. It ain’t, and now I’m in love prison. Wish me luck!

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Astrology Inspired Tarot

posted by Karen A. Kay

Are there any Tarot enthusiasts out there? I know you’re into Astrology, or you wouldn’t be reading this. But when it comes to the art of divination, I like to think of Astrology as a map you can see and plot and calculate, whereas Tarot is more like the mysterious compass that is moved by unseen forces.

I’m a huge fan of Tarot, personally, and I’ve had many readings that changed my life. I find its insight and advice comforting in the darkest of times, and it also helps me pick a path when things are going well and I’m just overwhelmed with options.

Tarot is very mysterious to me still — I just can’t explain it, and I’m still surprised when the same card comes up in reading after reading, even though I know it’s trying to teach me something. But most of all Tarot just soothes my soul by allowing me to tap into something larger than myself and my own petty problems.

Aside from the spiritual reasons I practice Tarot, I’m also a huge fan of the artwork involved in creating so many of the beautiful, fantastical, quirky and imaginative Tarot decks out there.

I was just looking at the “Browse Tarot Decks” page on, which has something like 80 colorful decks all splayed out so you can see them at a glance. And in looking these over, I realized there are a number of Tarot decks that incorporate Astrology.

Three that pop out immediately are Celestial Tarot, One World Tarot and Hermetic Tarot, which all incorporate the wisdom of Astrology with Tarot symbolism. My favorite of these is Celestial (pictured here), but if you’re an Astrology lover who’s interested in Tarot, any of these would be great decks for you!

Let me know what you think!

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What’s Your September Action Plan?

posted by Karen A. Kay

Read your September 2012 Horoscope at Tarot.comHave you read your September horoscope yet? We’re a week into the month, so I just re-read my Gemini horoscope to refresh my mind about what to expect.

Maria DeSimone’s blog about all the shocking changes in store for every sign this month (which I told you about yesterday) made me want to dig into my specific Gemini horoscope again and write down a few more key dates to watch for.

For Gemini, in addition to September 19 (Uranus square Pluto) and September 29 (Full Moon in Aries), the key dates are September 7, when the Sun squares Jupiter; and the entire stretch of days from September 25 leading up to September 29, which is filled with uncomfortable aspects.

It’s a lot to take in, so my favorite part of the monthly horoscopes is the “Keep in Mind this Month” section, which nicely boils down the whole month into a key piece of advice. I love it because it’s so helpful to take that month-long flurry of cosmic activity and turn it into a concrete action plan.

For me and all my fellow Geminis, the main advice for September is to take care of your most pressing issues every day, while thinking about the impact our actions will have on our future.

I like that — it’s about being more mindful in every moment, and I do tend to rush things and act too impulsively at times. It sounds like it’s very important to be careful about that this month. Hopefully it will keep me out of trouble during this time of intense change.

What about you? What are YOU going to keep in mind this month?

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September 2012: Sh*t Hits the Fan!

posted by Karen A. Kay

For a long time Astrologers have been saying that September 2012 is going to be epic, but I’m finally beginning to fully realize what they mean.

I just read the latest blog from Maria DeSimone at, and while she’s not trying to send anyone into a panic, she did get me to sit up and take notice.

Most of the dramatic changes in store for us this month will happen in the second half of September, when Maria says we’ll pretty much be “walking on a tightrope of dynamite.”


Maria says we can expect huge changes in our personal lives and volatile events on a global scale, but it’s important to also remember that these changes are necessary for growth and progress and to get to an overall better place. And also, the cosmic events this month will affect some people more than others.

September 19 (Uranus square Pluto) and September 29 (Full Moon in Aries) are the key dates to watch, so I know wherever I am on those days I’ll have one eye fixed on Google news. And of course, there was a big earthquake in Costa Rica yesterday, so I can’t help but wonder if this is the beginning of more upheaval to come.

As for me, I am extremely curious to find out what might happen in my personal life. Things are good right now (knock on wood), and I don’t necessarily WANT any big changes right now. My job and relationship are stable, my cats are noisy and playful, my family and friends are all good. I feel very lucky, and therefore worried about what might happen.

Of course, I am one of the people who won’t be majorly affected by September’s events, according to my birth chart. Maria’s blog details how and who it will affect the most, and it involves those who have key planets at key degrees in certain signs. My own chart looks fairly benign.

Check out her blog and refer to your own birth chart to see if you’re in the trouble zone! And for all of us, let’s just stay as positive and self-aware as ever this month. It’s only September 6, so stay tuned …

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