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2014: Get the Big Picture

posted by Karen A. Kay

astro-planets-380x235As we fast approach New Year’s, it’s one thing to read the 2014 Horoscopes for your sign, but it’s quite another to get personal predictions for the entire year ahead based on your very own unique birth chart.

It’s amazing to be able to pinpoint right down to the day or week what the biggest turning points are in the year ahead, and it’s also the best way to prepare for the biggest challenges.

All of the 2014 Horoscopes point to another challenging year in which we will all spend a lot of time look more deeply into our desires and reevaluating our relationships.

This means it will be a year of ups and downs for every zodiac sign, so if you want help navigating the roller coaster of 2014, I highly recommend you get a 2014 Big Picture Yearly Forecast.

To use this Astrology report, all you need is your birth date, time and place and your current location. Master Astrologers Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer wrote the report to examine the long-term astrological cycles and major planetary transits in relation to your own birth information, so it’s highly accurate in predicting what’s ahead for each of you.

I just ran my own 2014 Big Picture Yearly Forecast, and I love the way it breaks down the various areas of my life — I can see what’s coming up in general, in my love life, in relation to the cycles of the Moon and more. It even tells me when to expect surprises!

For example, it says that I may get a surprise in my relationship on May 11, 2014, when Venus is opposite Uranus, so now I know I’ll be keeping an eye on that date and I’ll try to be on my best behavior, wink wink.

See what’s in store for you — 2014 is going to be one for the books!

Get your 2014 Big Picture Yearly Forecast at »

Yoda Tops This Gemini’s Christmas Traditions

posted by Karen A. Kay

holiday-lights-380x235Happy Christmas Eve! I know various people and cultures celebrate many different holidays, and I respect them all … but personally speaking, I’m a Christmas gal.

I’m also a Gemini, so I tend to celebrate Christmas by running around like a spaz trying to make it to every party and every store to find the perfect small-but-funny gifts for my close family and friends.

I don’t enjoy the commercialism around Christmas, so I just try to keep it lighthearted and fun, without spending too much money or stressing out if things don’t get done. I really just want to laugh with my friends this time of year.

I learned this from my quirky Aquarius mother, who couldn’t find the Christmas tree topper one year, and so she replaced it with a Yoda hand puppet from my brother’s Stars Wars collection.

My mom also couldn’t be bothered to send out Christmas cards on time, so one year she just quit forever and refuses to feel guilt about it. And at the same time she has the heart of a humanitarian, so she gives generously to everyone she encounters who is less fortunate — and she does that all year, not just during the holidays.

I’ve inherited a lot of my own holiday traditions from my mom, but I put a Gemini twist on it. I give as much as I can to as many people as I can handle, I decorate erratically and I don’t send cards, either. And I won’t often risk setting my kitchen on fire to bake cookies or anything like that — let’s leave that holiday activity to the more domestic signs out there.

Every zodiac sign takes a slightly different approach to celebrating, no matter which holiday. So wherever you are this time of year and whatever holiday you’re celebrating, take a look at those around.

I’ll bet it’s the Taurus who’s preparing a feast, the Pisces who’s going to midnight mass and the Gemini who wrapped a bunch of little presents so fast she forgot which gift was what and for whom it was intended. Yeah, I do that every year. Merry Christmas Eve!

See holiday traditions for every zodiac sign at »

2013 Winter Love Horoscopes

posted by Karen A. Kay

heart-snowflake-2-300x300For those of you who read my blog regularly, it’s pretty obvious I’m in love with love. I figured out a long time ago that love is the most important thing in the world, and if you’re lucky enough to have it, well, it seems to power everything else in your life.

Whatever it is that stresses you out — work, money, family — if you have a loving partner it makes all of life’s challenges easier to bear. That’s my own personal stance, anyway, and it’s why I always keep a close eye on the love horoscopes.

I read my daily love horoscope, my weekly love horoscope, my monthly love horoscope … and now I’m excited to see the Winter Love Horoscopes are in. The news is mostly good — for those of us who are feeling out in the cold this winter, the horoscopes assure us this is a good time to work on generating some heat.

Love planet Venus actually turns retrograde in serious Capricorn on the first day of winter, December 21, and this reversal will affect relationships through January 31. This is a mixed bag. It will have everyone rethinking their relationships, and some may end. But it’s also a time when you can slow down and work on growing closer together.

Mars is also in Libra throughout winter, which is to say the planet of war is in the sign of peace. This can play out in a number of different ways when it comes to matters of the heart — everything from finding more harmony in relationships to passive-aggressive behavior or lying. You need to read the 2014 Love Horoscopes for your zodiac sign to find out how it will affect you!

As for me, I feel very grateful to have someone special in my life, and my own Gemini love horoscope this winter promises passion. My man’s a Gemini, too, so that’s double good news.

Read your own Winter Love Horoscope now and find out how to make the most of romance this winter — whether you’re single or coupled up, it’s time to melt someone’s heart!

Read the Winter Love Horoscopes at »

Happy Birthday to My Sagittarius Bestie!

posted by Karen A. Kay

Real Life with SagittariusAs I get ready to celebrate my BFF’s birthday tomorrow, it’s time to reflect on one of the things I love about her the most — her zodiac sign.

My best friend Elizabeth is a Sagittarius, and she’s completely awesome. She’s so awesome, in fact, that she goes by Liz instead of Elizabeth because it’s less stuffy and more suited to her active social life and sense of adventure.

Does that make sense? “Elizabeth” would host a quiet tea party in her living room, while “Liz” would travel the world and enjoy her tea in the Sahara with you, me and as many friends as she could fit on the camel train.

Sagittarius is so much fun that they’re capable of being TOO MUCH FUN, but more than anything I love ‘em to death. Always the life of the party, Sag loves to talk about all things philosophical, and they’ll never turn down an invitation to do something exciting, make a new friend or learn a new skill.

Liz and I have gone to a bazillion parties, hiked miles up steep mountains, kayaked in rough rivers and stayed up all night talking and analyzing and philosophizing about life, love and everything in between.

Of course, I must add that Liz does occasionally get herself into trouble, which is pretty typical of Sagittarius — that’s where the too-much-fun part comes in. Sagittarius can get so caught up in the spirit of adventure that they can become a little reckless, but fortunately Liz is also one of the smartest people I know and she always gets out of awkward situations with a good story to tell.

As a hyperactive Gemini with a dramatic Leo Rising, I’m particularly suited to get along swimmingly with Sagittarius. And Liz has a Gemini Moon, which makes us even more compatible. I’m so lucky I can keep up with her!

I’m pretty sure that someday after we’ve lived full lives and all our friends and loves have gone, that together we’ll find our way to side-by-side bungalows on some hoppin’ tropical island where we can hike into the jungles with our canes and then write long novellas about our epic lives.

Yeah, that’s my Liz, a Sagittarius and a sweetie to her core.

By the way, I’m not the only one to appreciate Sagittarius so much, either. You should read Astrologer Maria DeSimone’s blog about Real Life with Sagittarius — she knows a Sag she calls her “fun friend,” so she’s a big fan, too. Check it out!

Happy Birthday, Liz!

Learn more about Real Life with Sagittarius by Maria DeSimone at »

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