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April Horoscopes at Tarot.comWow, we’re only three days into April and I can already feel a flurry of change happening around me. Friends are traveling, starting new jobs, relocating to new cities and having babies all around me.

April is always full of this fiery energy that gets us moving again, and it’s affecting me, too. I want to get outside, plan trips, think up new creative projects and live life out loud.

I think of the New Moon in Aries on April 10 as the true start of the new year, because it kicks off a fresh cycle filled with all this Aries enthusiasm and a desire to break free from the same-old, same-old.

As a Gemini, my April is supposed to be filled with great collaborative efforts with others, so I’m excited about planning a group vacation with my friends and I feel confident that team projects at work will go well.

Mid-month, the Sun and action planet Mars will move into pleasure-seeking Taurus and the pace of life will slow. I’m looking forward to that as a chance to get back to pleasure seeking after first getting a lot accomplished in the next two weeks.

What’s going to fire you up this April? See what’s in store for your month ahead!

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Weekly Astrology at Tarot.comWell, we made it through April Fool’s Day unscathed — at least I did, and I hope you did, too. But that’s not the only good news: This just so happens to be one of the best weeks of the entire year!

We’re starting the week under the influence of a supportive sextile between the Sun in Aries and Jupiter in Gemini, which gives us a great big dose of good luck we can use all week.

Word to the wise: we should all use this energy to start new projects or try something adventurous or risky while we’re feeling so optimistic and self-confident.  Think first dates, new hairstyles and lots of lottery tickets!

All this feel-good energy leads up to a super-sexy Sunday, when the cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, make an exact conjunction in fiery Aries.

Astrologer Maria DeSimone says this may well be the sexiest night of the entire year, but we’ll be able to tap into this lusty energy starting Friday and lasting all weekend long.

And that’s not all — there’s one more thing we’ll have this week that’s almost as sweet as sex, and that is … cha ching … money! Maria says most of us can expect a boost in our income this week, too, because Venus rules money and Mars motivates us to get it.

Wow, with all this sex and money flying around I’m starting to blush. Have a great week, friends! Maria says it’s “clothing optional!”

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Astrology of April Fool's Day 2013April Fool’s Day always puts me on edge. I do have a good sense of humor, but I just don’t like being tricked. And this year if you try to trick me, well, the joke is on YOU!

That’s because the Astrology of April Fool’s Day 2013 is setting us up for a pranks-gone-wrong comedy of errors.

See, there’s a “Void of Course Moon” today, which happens when the Moon has no more aspects to make with other planets before it enters the next zodiac sign. So the Moon just kind of meanders without any directed energy.

Whenever there’s a Void of Course Moon, people have less focus and they are unlikely to do things their best or finish the things they start during this time.

And that means that if you’re planning some kind of elaborate April Fool’s Day joke to play on me or anyone else, it could quite possibly flop. Either it won’t be understood, or your timing will be off and the whole thing will backfire.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that the Moon is in sunny Sagittarius and there’s an optimistic vibe all around, so those of us who do get tricked will at least be in a good mood about it.

Enjoy your April Fool’s Day!

p.s., I quit! This is my last blog! (Just kidding 😉

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Free Tarot reading at Tarot.comEvery time April Fool’s Day rolls around, I think about what a fool my boyfriend is. Heh heh. But I’m not talking literally — I’m talking Tarot.

I’ve had some incredible experiences with Tarot cards, and one of them is having the same card turn up repeatedly in readings to represent the same person. I wouldn’t even believe this is possible if it hadn’t happened to me personally so many times.

Usually it’s the Major Arcana cards that represent people in your life, and sometimes the Tarot cards even resemble those people. I’ve pulled cards that look like me, my boss, my mom — even cards with cats on them when I’m asking a question about something related to my household.

And more often than not, when I do a reading about my boyfriend I pull The Fool Tarot card. It has turned up far too many times to be a coincidence, and down to every detail this card IS him.

In the classic Rider Waite Tarot deck, the figure on The Fool card doesn’t resemble my boyfriend (that’s a good thing, because I’m not into men who wear tights), but there is a small light-colored dog that resembles his dog, and he’s holding a rose — my favorite flower.

The meaning of the card is that of someone who is a bit naïve about what they are getting into — i.e. a relationship with me. It’s a card about someone who is pure of heart and has good intentions, but maybe isn’t so hot at relationship nitty-gritty.

That’s how I interpret it, anyway, and I think I’m right. The only way this card could represent him any better is if he was holding a burrito.

And frankly that’s what Tarot is — it’s about listening to your own intuition, and then realizing that your guy might be The Fool, but he’s still the fool for you.

Or something like that.

Has this ever happened to you? Please do a Tarot reading and let me know what happens. I’d love to hear about your experience!

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