Cosmic Candor

male-meeting-dad-300x300Happy Thanksgiving week! I hope you’re all preparing to gather with family and friends to celebrate the things you’re grateful for.

You know what I’m grateful for? I’m grateful I don’t have to meet my boyfriend’s parents for the first time over turkey dinner with a zillion relatives. Doesn’t that sound stressful? NO thank you.

Alas, the holidays are definitely a time when many people bring their special someone home for the first time. The idea of spending the holidays together is sweet, for sure. But what about all those colorful relatives? Is your dad going to go all Robert DeNiro on your date?!

This is where Astrology can help. If you’re meeting the parents this Thanksgiving or Christmas, or if you’re introducing your date to your mom or dad, some cosmic tips can help.

If you know your mom and dad’s zodiac sign — or your special someone’s parents’ signs — look them up before meeting the parents. There’s a great article at that tells you how to make a positive impression on parents of every sign, which will enhance the whole group dynamic.

What are you going to do with this great advice? Gobble it up, of course. Have a great turkey day!

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