Cosmic Candor

fall-wineThis is going to be a fantastic week as the Sun gallops back into happy-go-lucky Sagittarius on Thursday, Nov. 21! Let me tell you, it’s a welcome ray of light piercing through what has felt like Scorpio darkness for way too long.

I’ve been waiting for the Sun in Sagittarius like a turkey waits for Thanksgiving to pass so he can let out a sigh of relief. But while the turkey has another week to go, I made it through with just my feathers ruffled.

Sagittarius is a bold, social and optimistic sign that encourages us to get out there and live it up, so it’s a welcome transit just in time for Thanksgiving.

This year I’ve been invited to spend Thanksgiving dinner at the home of a glamorous French woman, which is SO perfectly Sagittarius I can barely contain myself.

After all, no sign is better suited to the adventure of meeting new people from foreign places than Sagittarius. And even better if you’re doing so while sipping a glass of floofy French wine from somewhere like exotic like Burgundy or Bordeaux — places a Sagittarius would most definitely like to go.

We should all be feeling more positive and social for the next month, and I for one am quite ready for that. Sagittarius is all about abundance, so let’s indulge in food, friends and family with a side dish of optimism — and I’m going to have seconds.

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