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mrx-scorpio-380x235 October in Oregon is the most beautiful time of year. OK, well, October almost anywhere is gorgeous — but it’s also one of my favorite months because there is so much fun stuff to do.

Trips to the pumpkin patch, long walks in the city parks to watch the leave fall in colorful piles, and the first cozy fireside snuggling of the season. Yup, I love it.

However — Mercury is going retrograde in Scorpio on Monday, October 21, which will put a damper on the good times for the next three weeks.

I’m a Gemini, and Mercury is my ruling planet, so it does tend to affect me more than most other signs (Mercury also rules Virgo). But you really need to read your Mercury Retrograde Horoscope to see which areas of your life will be most disrupted.

Scorpio is the dark and mysterious sign of secrets, so it’s possible that hidden truths will come to the surface now. See what’s in store for your sign, then go take a walk — it’s amazing outside!

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