Cosmic Candor

female-hand-over-mouth-380x235Oh dear, I’m in for a challenging week. Whenever the horoscopes tell me to watch my mouth, I know I’m in trouble.

See, I already have a big mouth to begin with — I blame it on my chatty Gemini Sun and my theatrical Leo Moon. I’m always saying the wrong things at the wrong times even under the best of cosmic circumstances — and this week’s Astrology forecast put me (and YOU) in even more danger of that.

Mercury, the planet of communication — and my own ruling planet — is making some tough aspects this week that cautions us about the way we speak to and share information with others.

I’m glad I read this, because I’m definitely going to work on scaling my opinions back this week — especially when it comes to my relationship.

Love planet Venus is now in Scorpio, which gives love an intensity that can backfire — and I can just see trying to have a serious relationship discussion only to have it blow up in my face because I say the wrong thing.

There is a lot happening in the love realm this week — both personally and astrologically — with Venus in Scorpio, a Full Moon in Pisces and Pluto going direct. There is the potential for relationship transformation, but it’s also very much a “make it or break it” time.

I’m going to watch my mouth so I don’t break it!

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