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spies-sex-scorpio-380x235I have a love-hate thing with the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Apparently we’re attracted to each other, because they keep turning up in my life over and over again — especially in the dating realm. But it typically ends disastrously, which is where the “hate” comes in.

Hate is a strong word, I know, and I don’t really mean it. But it’s hard not to think that way when the person you most wish would vanish from the face of the Earth is a Scorpio, and also when so many other Scorpios have caused me so much grief with their secrets and their sneaking around and then  jealousy and controlling behavior.

Does this make me sign-ist? I guess it sounds like it, but I must not be because I keep letting those stingers back into my life. My current boyfriend has one of those dark and mysterious Scorpio Moons, in fact, and I’m pretty sure I don’t hate him — yet! Laugh out loud.

What’s my point?

Well, this week there is a ton of Scorpio energy in the air, despite the fact that the Sun is in balanced Libra. And with both Venus and Mercury, the love and communication planets, in scorching Scorpio, we’re in for a more dramatic than balanced week.

Maria DeSimone has the weekly highlights over at, and I suggest you study up because Scorpio is a very challenging energy to deal with. You never know what you’re going to get with this passionate sign — love or hate — and either way it’s intense.

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