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if-not-nowMercury rules — literally. It rules my sign, Gemini, and it also rules communication and matters of the mind. And this week it rules in general because it’s the best week for communication and critical thinking for the entire year!

Mercury moved into Virgo on Friday, which sharpens our minds and words significantly — in fact, it’s a good idea to think before you speak now because you might say something cutting unintentionally.

But more importantly, Mercury in Virgo is making a number of aspects to other planets this week that will enhance thinking, speaking, negotiations, meetings, writing and signing contracts.

As a writer, I’m pretty excited about having a week like this to look forward to.

The only hitch is that romance looks a little unsteady this week, and I’m worried that if couples feel tension and communication is sharp, well, feelings could get hurt and arguments could escalate into something bigger than they need to be.

Of course, with speaking and writing skills so keen, I’m sure we can all just talk our way out of anything or send a sweet note of apology, right?

Friday is supposed to be the best day for writing — perhaps of the entire year — so as a writer I feel compelled to skip my standing Friday night date and chain myself to my desk so I can finally get to work on my great novel.

Of course, I AM a Gemini, so who knows if I’ll really have the discipline to do that, but if not now then when?!

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