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money-sky-300x300I’m not a big risk-taker, so gambling doesn’t hold much appeal for me. But if you’re one of those who do enjoy a slot machine here or a video poker game there, you’ll want to think twice about taking a financial risk this week.

See, the planets are making a jumble of complicated and contradictory aspects between now and Sunday that are urging you to play big … and lose big. Word of caution: Don’t push your luck.

Jupiter’s square to Uranus on Wednesday is the main source of these cautionary words, because this is known as the “lottery aspect.” Sudden windfalls can happen with that aspect, for sure. But not this time.

Because on this same day, Venus (the planet of money) will square off with Pluto, which makes it more likely you’ll see financial losses rather than gains.
Think about this if you find yourself temped to spin the wheel of fortune this week, OK?

Aside from that, there’s a lot of other interesting energy in the air this week that you’ll want to watch for. There’s a Full Moon in Aquarius tomorrow, which is also a Blue Moon; the Sun moves into Virgo on Thursday, signaling it’s time to get organized and back on track with health and healing; and on Saturday, Venus  squares off with Pluto, creating sudden problems in relationships.

Oh boy. Sounds to me like it’s a great week to hide out at home alone, put my wallet in a safe place and clean the refrigerator. I’m not betting on ANYTHING except that I bet I won’t actually clean the refrigerator.

Good luck!

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