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kitchen-fireI fell down in the bathtub the other day. I felt like a little old lady, but of course it could happen to anyone if you’re careless about rinsing out slippery hair conditioner right before standing on one leg to shave. Er, right?

What’s my point?

My point is that this happened almost exactly at the same time action planet Mars moved into Cancer — a time when we’re moving around the house more, rushing a little as we working on projects and making careless moves.

Well, fortunately I wasn’t injured — I just bruised my bum a little and then laughed at my own clumsiness. But I’m considering myself warned, and this week I’m going to be extra careful so I don’t actually hurt myself around the house.

That’s because Astrology expert Maria DeSimone says we should be on high alert for household-related accidents this week — especially on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Mars in Cancer will square Uranus — planet of surprises — in Aries, a Fire sign, which Maria calls the classic “accident waiting to happen” aspect. She says things like forgetting to unplug the iron or accidentally burning yourself or starting a kitchen fire while cooking are possible.

Cooking? Me? That’s not likely. Ha! But as a speedy Gemini I have definitely been known to race out of the house while the iron is still on, only to have to drive all the way back from work to check it.

So, my friends, consider yourselves warned and take some extra precautions this week. It really just means SLOW DOWN and pay attention.

There are some other key cosmic events this week surrounding love and money that might interest you, too! It’s kind of a mixed bag, but Maria’s got the scoop.

Study up, and in the meantime I would recommend letting your leg hair grow out for the next couple of weeks! 🙂

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