Cosmic Candor

holiday-star-300x300Ho ho ho … there’s so much happening in the cosmos this week it feels like Christmas in July. And that includes both the good and the stressful parts of the holiday season.

Check it out — there’s a Full Moon in Aquarius, love planet Venus moves into Virgo, the Sun enters Leo and then there are a number of significant aspects between some major planetary players.

Monday, July 22 is the big day to watch for, as most of the major events happen then — that includes a Full Moon that will spark our innovative sides, Venus moving into Virgo, which will make love more practical in coming weeks, and the Sun’s transition into lively Leo, which will kick off the funnest part of summer.

I have some fun things coming up in my own summer schedule, so I’m particularly excited about Leo season. Most people get more pep in their step at this time, and as someone with a Leo Rising I feel this energy especially. I’m ready to roar!

It’s basically party time, not unlike Christmas! Read Maria DeSimone’s overview for this week and see what I’m talking about — then get off the Internet and step outside, there are brilliant things happening now!

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