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home-heartSo you know that old saying, “Home is where the heart is?” How true is that?! And sadly for me, my actual home is rather far removed from the various people and places that hold my heart. In my case, it’s simply “Home is where my stuff is.”

I bring this up because the Astrology for this week is very much centered on domestic issues — home, family, real estate, etc.  And because I don’t really feel “at home” when I’m at home, I’m wondering how this will affect me.

Astrologer Maria DeSimone says that we will have a beautiful New Moon in Cancer on Monday (Cancer rules home and family, natch) and it should create opportunities for us in that realm — think buying a house, moving somewhere, hiring a decorator, getting started with a remodel, having a baby, adopting a child — anything new that pertains to home and family.

BUT … and yes, there’s a big BUT … Mercury is still retrograde in Cancer, which means that all things pertaining to home and family should technically be put on hold for now.

Huh? Confusing, right? But that’s why I love reading Maria’s Astrology — she always breaks it down so it’s easy to understand, and even this week she’s able to explain how these seemingly conflicting cosmic energies will work together.

In short, she says we should be ready to give a family member a second chance or be aware that we may need to revise some plans pertaining to our homes or the people in them.

Hmmmmm … what about the cats in them? I don’t actually live with any humans. Perhaps I should give my cats a second chance to sleep with me after being banished from the bedroom for waking me up at 4 a.m. Nah …

I do wonder what will happen? Maybe this one will simply affect my family. Or maybe my landlord will jack up my rent. Or maybe my boyfriend will announce it’s high time we moved in together. Or maybe hell will freeze over …

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