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female-butterflies-300x300Could you use a little bit of renewed hope and inspiration right now? I sure could — this Mercury Retrograde business has been getting to me. Mercury has been spinning backward for weeks, and I’ve had more than my fair share of freakouts.

In fact, just yesterday my mind was playing all kinds of tricks on me — I thought my boyfriend wanted to end our two-year relationship because he didn’t put a kissy face on the end of a text message like he often does. Then I got lost on the freeway I take home from work EVERY DAY.


I blame all this on Mercury Retrograde because confusion and miscommunication are major side effects. But all this is about to change!

According to Astrologer Maria DeSimone, this week will deliver us a few positive cosmic events, including Mercury going direct and a Grand Water Trine on Wednesday, July 17 that will infuse this entire week with renewed hope and inspiration. I’ll take it!

This trine (which is basically an aspect where three planets that are supportive of each other align) is between Jupiter, the lucky planet, Saturn and Neptune.

The perfect link between these three planets will increase our good luck and intuition, so whatever your gut is telling you to do this week  … do it! Even if it’s some great big crazy dream you think couldn’t possibly come true — if ever it could, that time is now.

I’m not sure how I’m going to use this energy myself, exactly, but Maria recommends thinking about doing something spiritual — like starting meditation classes or talking with a psychic. I do have the very best Tarot reader around, so maybe I’ll give her a ring and make sure my boyfriend just forgot that kissy face, as I suspect.

In any case, this week is sure to bring a few moments of enlightenment, and I’m sure you can use them as much as I can, right? Bliss out!

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