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Mercury in AriesMercury in Aries always makes me feel like I’ve had a little too much Chardonnay at lunch. But this time I’m going to get prepared!

Mercury, the planet that rules our thoughts and speech, is racing into bold Aries on Saturday, April 13.

Whenever Mercury is in Aries, we all notice a collective speed-up in the communications happening around us — we think faster and talk faster and can even be a little bit aggressive with the things we say.

If someone who’s usually quite mellow and patient suddenly snaps at you, it’s probably Mercury in Aries. And if you can’t sleep because you can’t turn off your brain and just stop overthinking everything, that’s probably Mercury in Aries.

The thing to do is just put a little extra effort into thinking before you speak for the next two and a half weeks of this transit, and hey — maybe I really should have that glass o’ wine before bed to help me sleep!

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