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flowers-tulips-380x235I live in Portland, Ore., where most of us go green every day — not just on Earth Day.

I’ve been recycling and riding a bike and conserving water since I was in diapers — in fact, my diapers were cloth rather than disposable — so I can legitimately say I’ve been recycling since birth.

That said, Earth Day (every April 22) is an important day to educate and raise awareness about how to take better care of our planet.

And also, it’s simply a great spring day to appreciate the things that grow here, like big, bright, beautiful blooms. Lilacs and roses are my favorite flowers, so I think I’ll put together a bouquet with each to celebrate Earth Day in my own special way.

I do think it’s awesome that Earth Day always takes place just when the Sun has moved into Taurus — the zodiac sign most closely associated with nature and most likely to stop and smell the roses (and lilacs).

Another funny fact — I’ve always loved lilacs, even before I found out they are associated with my sign of Gemini. Perfect.

Every zodiac sign rules its own set of plants and flowers, so why not use this Earth Day to celebrate the beauty of nature and see which flowers correspond to your own zodiac sign.

Happy Earth Day!

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