Cosmic Candor

Weekly Astrology at Tarot.comWell, we made it through April Fool’s Day unscathed — at least I did, and I hope you did, too. But that’s not the only good news: This just so happens to be one of the best weeks of the entire year!

We’re starting the week under the influence of a supportive sextile between the Sun in Aries and Jupiter in Gemini, which gives us a great big dose of good luck we can use all week.

Word to the wise: we should all use this energy to start new projects or try something adventurous or risky while we’re feeling so optimistic and self-confident.  Think first dates, new hairstyles and lots of lottery tickets!

All this feel-good energy leads up to a super-sexy Sunday, when the cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, make an exact conjunction in fiery Aries.

Astrologer Maria DeSimone says this may well be the sexiest night of the entire year, but we’ll be able to tap into this lusty energy starting Friday and lasting all weekend long.

And that’s not all — there’s one more thing we’ll have this week that’s almost as sweet as sex, and that is … cha ching … money! Maria says most of us can expect a boost in our income this week, too, because Venus rules money and Mars motivates us to get it.

Wow, with all this sex and money flying around I’m starting to blush. Have a great week, friends! Maria says it’s “clothing optional!”

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