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Weekly Astrology for April 15, 2013The week got off to a terrible start yesterday, with tragic news of the Boston Marathon bombings clouding over what was supposed to have been a lovely day.

Venus moved into Taurus yesterday (Monday, April 15), but instead of being able to enjoy this pure-pleasure transit, we were all caught up in the pressure of Tax Day and the horrific news reports coming out of Boston, where more than 23,000 of our family and friends were taking part in the run.

I’m still heartbroken over yesterday’s news, and thankful that the warrior planet Mars will finally move out of aggressive Aries this week. I can’t help but think that such acts of war are more likely with both Mars and Mercury in fiery Aries, as they were yesterday. In fact five planets were in Aries yesterday, along with an emotionally scattered Gemini Moon.

That said, this week we see Venus, the Sun and Mars all move into comfortable Taurus, setting us up for a more peaceful period where life’s simple pleasures come back into focus.

It’s no longer about charging ahead, tramping over others, proving your point or winning as it has been for the past few weeks.

It’s Taurus time now, and I’m pretty sure we can all use the rest.


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