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Sun in Taurus at Tarot.comThe Sun is moving into Taurus tomorrow, and I’m INTO it!

This highly indulgent transit lasts from April 19 to May 20, during which time we’re all inspired to slow down the pace of life, let our senses come alive and appreciate the simple (and best) things in life.

What this really means is that it’s perfectly OK to sleep in, have a lot of sex, eat as many pancakes as you want and splurge on that silk dress you’ve been eyeing at Nordstrom, even if it might hurt your budget a bit.

It all sounds terribly irresponsible, doesn’t it? But that’s not what’s happening here. What’s happening here is AWESOME.

The Sun in Taurus time is meant to help us appreciate life instead of charging right through it without paying attention to beauty and nature and how great things can look and feel and taste and smell and sound.

As a fast-paced Gemini who tends to run about scattering my energies every which way, I especially appreciate the Sun’s invitation to take it down a notch and let life in.

Of course, if I was as good at managing money as your average Taurus is, I would have started budgeting for the Sun in Taurus last year. That way I could afford all the fine things that would feel so good right now.

But that’s OK, having sex and spending time in nature are free … so I’m gonna love it all up, Taurus style, while still keeping the overhead low. But next year, watch out, it’ll be champagne and caviar all the way!

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