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The Astrology of Midlife at Tarot.comYou know all those midlife crisis stereotypes we hear about? Married men running off with their secretaries, women shooting up their necks and faces with Botox  … so many silly things you think you’d never do … until it happens to you.

Well, let me tell you, there’s a reason this “midlife crisis” phenomenon is so common, and Astrology can explain.

From about age 40 to 44, we go through several astrological cycles that contribute to the midlife crazies.

It begins with your Pluto square sometime between age 36-42, then there’s your Neptune square at 40, your Uranus opposition from 40-42, and finally your Saturn opposition at 44.

All of these major aspects have an effect on our lives and the choices we make during this time — which are often not good ones, eeeek.

I can feel all of this beginning to hit me now, but I’m determined not to shoot poison into my cute little wrinkles just quite yet.

The whole point of Astrology is to help people better manage their lives, and if you know about these midlife aspects you can prepare to make the best of them, right?

Astrologer Maria DeSimone wrote a great blog that details how each of these midlife Astrology cycles affect us, and it’s on my recommended reading list for sure! Check it out, and remember the best years of our lives are often the later ones.

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