Cosmic Candor

Mars in AriesHere we go! Action planet Mars, the planet that rules war, is charging into fiery Aries today for the first time in nearly two years. There’s so much fearless and impulsive energy in the air that I’m a little bit scared!

The thing is, I’m a very sensitive person, and I must say this is a very insensitive transit. It’s not bad, per se — you can sure get a lot accomplished. But it’s a very bold and blunt transit, and that goes against my own mellow nature.

I’m prepared to be confronted with fighting words and temper tantrums now, and that has me a little on edge.

Of course, the astrologers say this is a perfect time to take decisive action in your life, but Mercury is still retrograde until Sunday, so we’ll probably want to wait until then to do anything too drastic.

Mars will remain in Aries from March 12 until April 20, so use this time to reshape your life if you need to — but try to remember to be nice along the way!

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