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Mercury Retrograde Dos and Don'ts at Tarot.comBy now, most of us have heard of Mercury Retrograde. We know it causes problems and we think of it as something to fear, but it’s silly to think you need to hide out under a rock during this time. If you adhere to a few simple MRx Dos and Don’ts, it’s quite ok to come out and play.

Mercury is the planet of communication, and when it’s retrograde it means that things in this area are stalled and confused — think of talking, travel and technology as the primary areas that suffer.

But you can save yourself a lot of trouble and still have fun while Mercury is retrograde in Pisces from February 23 to March 17 — you just need a checklist to follow, and I know just who has one!

Astrologer Maria DeSimone put together some great Mercury Retrograde Dos and Don’ts at that I’m going to print (if the printer doesn’t break, that is) and carry with me.

It’s wise advice about which endeavors are still OK to pursue, as well as what activities to avoid. This preparation, along with a little patience, will keep things enjoyable now.

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