Cosmic Candor

Astrology of St. Patrick's DayWe don’t need the luck o’ the Irish today! We’re all getting lucky because Mercury Retrograde ends today, and once Mercury starts moving forward all the confusion of the past few weeks will begin to clear.

Of course, we’re not quite out of the woods yet. Mercury stations to turn direct today, which means we’re still in the shadow period before things really start moving forward.

You might feel a little fuzzy today, but that’s nothing a pint of green Guinness can’t fix, right?

I’m of Irish descent, myself, so I’m planning to do a little celebrating today — both for St. Patrick’s Day and Mercury Direct.

This Mercury Retrograde period hit me especially hard — I haven’t felt like myself in weeks. I’ve been grouchy, dissatisfied, confused and mildy depressed. Enough! I’m doing a full-on Irish jig that Mercury Retrograde is almost over.

Kiss me, I’m an Irish Gemini!

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